Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Not Your Usual Riff On *Frankenstein*


Geneva, 1818.

M. Anton Zyli: a Swiss banker, incorrigibly curious, a closet romantic, shackled as heir to the family business by his elder brother's death.

"Mrs. Mary Godstone," mother of a two-year-old, almost-widow of a notable poet, an enigmatic Englishwoman, teaching the language for her bread.

William, a very large being of startling aspect, "not born, but made,"at the behest of noble and powerful men: an Artificial Person, or Promethean. Rejected and abandoned almost at his first breath, rescued by an unknown, he must still lurk in the mountains round Geneva, dependent on "Mrs Godstone" and Anton for help and secrecy.

Now William's chief creator is returning to Geneva, perhaps to eliminate William, possibly to repeat his "birth." His wealth and power are formidable. Even if the three allies could thwart these plans, where could they evade his revenge?

Perhaps nowhere in Europe.

In South America?

But the fabled waters of the Amazon are not free from prejudice and oppression, to say nothing of lethal fevers and predators. Is there any safe refuge for Anton's friend, let alone the woman whose wits and courage he may come to love?


After a very long silence, the novella "Spring in Geneva" returns, this time with its sequel, "The Waters of the Amazon."

When they parted, at the end of "Spring in Geneva," M. Anton Zyli vowed to answer if Mrs. Mary Godstone ever again called on him. And ten years later, the call comes ...

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