Monday, February 13, 2012

Actually, Beyond Grimm: the Bluebeard story again

The antho where the Bluebeard story will appear - the one mentioned in the post Where I've Been II.- now has  a changed title. Beyond Grimm: Tales Newly Twisted. In final proofing now, and due out in mid-March from   Book View Cafe.

The story's actual name is "Sister Anne" - not only for the famous line from the original fairytale, but because one motive for writing it was that I've always felt considerable sympathy for said "sister Anne." The undifferentiated sibling (was she older, younger, kind, resentful, pretty, ugly, what?) of the curious wife in Bluebeard, who only gets mentioned when said wife is in peril of her life up in the tower room, where presumably the sister has been dragged with her. The woman deserves better, I thought, and apparently the creative crew agree, because she is not just the pov but one of the main players in the recycled story.
Haven't seen an illustration for the antho cover yet, but doubtless it will come.