Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Amberlight Covers - Next Change

Next episode in the Updating the Amberlight Covers story. Chris didn't like the revision from the last blog version, so that one didn't appear anywhere. We are now up to the following revision, just arrived yesterday.

For comparison, here's draft 2 (well, that's my numbering, Chris's are different)

And now, here's the new one:

Lost a bit of that gorgeous golden light, but in compensation, we have a lot more river, with perspectives, and distance, and really beautiful  mother-of-pearl effects near Tellurith.

I think, now I see them together, that I like the tones and glow in the second draft, but otoh, this IS a story about a River, and a river journey, and the new one has river, oh, yes, indeed it does.

So, comments definitely suggested on this one. What does everyone think?