Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Letters to Tiptree cleans up well

Letters to Tiptree cleaned up VERY well in recent awards. An email from Alisa Krasnostein and Alexandra Pierce:

On a national level, we won the Aurealis Awards' Convenors' Award for Excellence, as well as the William Atheling Jr Award for Criticism or Review. On a state level, we also won a Tin Duck (awarded by the Western Australian SF community) for Best Professional Production.

Outside of Australia, we're told we were a 'close second' for the BSFA non-fiction award. 

Well earned rewards for an excellent idea and well-executed project.

And I seem to remember Alisa saying - can't re-locate the post - that the book is on Kindle this week for 99 cents. It's showing as 74US cents today, 31st March so probably correct. A real bargain!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Amberlight Live

At last! The new edition of Amberlight is live on Wildside's online catalogue.

At this point it's only the print version, though I thought originally the ebook would come up first. However, for those who like paper, here it is. For those who prefer ebooks, stick around. I have to query Wildside about where the ebook is, but they have been having such a go round with printers and post offices that I'm giving my contact person a day or two to recover.

At sometime in the not so distant future I hope to have give-away copies for draws or maybe some kind of quiz thing - but will need time to get to that which is currently earmarked for writing. To which, this morning, I have not yet got, and it's already 11am.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Full New Amberlight Cover

Have received back the full version of the new Amberlight cover, the one that will be used when the book goes "live" or up on the Wildside Press online catalogue, any day now. Have been told "soon" but not, apparently just yet.
In the meantime, here's how it will all look.

 And hopefully, soon, Wildside will begin work on the ms for Riversend's reincarnation. Also hopefully, they will use my mate Chris Howard's excellent illustration for the cover art. Can't wait to see how that will look overall as well.