Saturday, July 16, 2016

The Amberlight Series

Puff. Wheeze. Pant. 
 We are now embarked upon Riversend, the second book in the Amberlight series, and just finished the fortnight long proof/edit of the ms which is coming back out sometime this year (well, as soon as Carla the unlucky editor gets it past this proofing stage!) Had to make heeaaaps of micro-emendations to differentiate the three narrative voices better.
Itm, the cover art is in and the blurbs etc to go with it are sent off, so maybe soon there will be a cover to show. The cover pic, from Chris Howard, remember, looks like this?

Monday, July 11, 2016

Letters to Tiptree Strikes Again

Hully Wow! Late but still astonished I'm passing on the word from Alisa Krasnostein:  Letters to Tiptree won the Non-Fiction Locus Award for 2016.

 Scroll down through  The Locus Awards 2016 to check it out on line, but just quickly, here was the short list. Just check the competition Letters beat.

How amazing to be in a collection like this!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

"The Horses of Buhen" is Out

Eternal Haunted Summer, the online pagan magazine, has its Summer Solstice 2016 issue out, including my story "The Horses of Buhen," the sequel to "The Price of Kush," which appeared in Milton Davis' anthology Griots: Sisters of the Spear a couple of years ago.

I'm particularly excited about this one because "Horses" is not only my first story sequel sale but a resale to a previous market (Rebecca published my story "Crow" a couple of years ago), which I've never managed before.

And excited too because Rebecca the Amazing Editor found some pix to go with  the story, like this one of the Kushite Pharaohs, (which is quite another story)
                             Statues of Kushite Pharaohs. Courtesy of wikipedia.
and particularly, one of Buhen fort, which really adds something to the effect. One picture is worth a thousand words of description for something like an Old Kingdom Egyptian fort!

Here are the links, to Eternal Haunted Summer, and to the story. Have a look at both. The EHS front page is always worth a glance.