Friday, May 24, 2013

The Seagull - At Last

FINALLY yesterday managed to get organised and fleshout the now almost forgotten promo threats from back in Jan and Feb. of 2013. Gathered up the bits and pieces, and put the fourth Everran book up on Kindle. At last!
Just to repeat the details, doubtless now long out of mind.

The cover - ta da, and courtesy of my very good mate and excellent artist, Caroline Husher. Thank you, Caroline, you've done some great covers for me and this is one of the best.

The blurb:
The only thing worse than being made a wizard is to be born a wizard.
The mage’s Arts came to Phaz at birth. His father Zam is the wizard guardian of the great desert Hethria. His mother Sellithar was a Crown Princess.  The rulers of mighty Assharral want him to inherit their empire. What choices does he have left?
Especially with a family who fear that evil is his natural bent?
He could always run. But just to help things along, Phaz has an Art of his own that offers glimpses of the future. Run or stay, his is not where you’d want to end up.
The Seagull is about voyages, in the world and in the heart. It is also a suspenseful high fantasy novel, set in a world firmly realised in the previous novels of the Chronicles of Rihannar, Everran's Bane, The Moving Water and The Red Country. The first received some enthusiastic reviews, the second was shortlisted for best fantasy novel in the Aurealis Australian genre fiction awards, and the third was described by SF Crowsnest as "a lovely book." Now, the story is going on.

For a preview, see the Kindle edition free sample, or shortly, check on here for the novel's own page and chapters.

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